Yeoman is a hearty American Brown Ale made for the working man and named for those that settled the South. Notes of roasted chocolate and coffee can be detected in this full bodied dark brew. Lingering chocolate, coffee, and rum flavors round it out as an insanely drinkable beer. Many people don’t usually drink browns, but you’re going to fall in love with this one!

2014 Release: Blended from various 12 Year Van Winkle Special Reserve barrels after aging 8-10 months.

2015 Release: Blended from various Knob Creek barrels after aging 6-8 months

2016 Release: Blended from various Woodford Reserve barrels after aging 6-10 months. Some versions were blended with isolated strains of bacteria captured and harvested by our 2016 Summer Intern Class.


TYPE: American Brown Ale

IBUS: 16

ABV: 6.4%