There once was a boy named Will who loved a girl named Meredith very much. Skip ahead about twelve years and they are happily married with two dogs, a baby boy, and brewery.

Great Danish is the story of everything in between that we skipped. It’s Will’s love letter to Meredith and the passion put into the beer really reflects his love. The name itself comes from their second “son”, a midnight black Great Dane named “Scout” who has been an assistant brewer on many a pilot batch back in the day.

By style, it’s a Belgian-style honey rye ale clocking in at 10.6% abv that plays well with a gorgeous deep amber hue. A warming, boozy-yet-palatable malt bill buffers excellent hop floral aromas in this ale. It’s brewed with old school floor malted local rye and pilsner barley by Riverbend Malt House, local South Carolina organic honey from Bee Well Honey Farms, some of the best German hops on the market, and Appalachian water.

Available on tap at our tasting room for pints. Available selectively in our distribution area. This beer will be an occasional year round offering so make sure to get some when you can!

2015 Release: Blended from various Four Roses & Heaven Hill bourbon barrels
2016 Release: Blended from various French Cabernet wine barrels

TYPE: Belgian Strong Ale

IBUS: 12

ABV: 11%