What about tours?

We have gotten kind of short staffed and overworked lately. Thus, we aren’t always able to give a tour but occasionally we do just that on Saturday afternoons. There is no charge and there are no reservations.

What’s with the name?

A lot of people get confused with how it’s pronounced or said believe it or not. Many people coin us as “85 Brewery” or “85 Brewing” but it’s a little more complicated than that. We call ourselves “Brewery 85” with the word “Brewery” coming before the “85” because in many countries in Europe and especially Germany breweries are referred to their name last. For example, you can drink a beer produced by “Brauerei Aying” or “Brewery Ayinger” … As for the 85, we wanted something to tie ourselves together and we didn’t just want to name ourselves “Greenville Brewing Company.” Meredith is from Atlanta, Jeremy is from Anderson, and Will is from Greenville. 85 is a great synonym for our city and it’s literally the center of the South based on location and travel.

Can I add tips to my card purchase?

Of course and they are greatly appreciated! Our folks in the taproom work dang hard so your gratuity is much appreciated. Please ask your wait staff to add the percentage at your check out. Thank you!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take cash, Visa, American Express, Discovery, & Master Card. No checks. We also now sell gift cards that are great to give to friends, family, and clients.

Why is your beer not cheaper at the brewery?

There are some good, hard-working folks that sell our beer at restaurants, bars, and bottle shops. We are good friends with most of them and they need to make a living as well to so we try our best not to under cut them or compete with them directly.

Are you guys hiring?

Not at the moment but please keep checking back with us and stay tuned to our website. For you college students, we do offer internships but only take resumes at certain times of the year.

Can I buy kegs from you guys?

Not from us. On site, by state law, we are allowed to sell 288 ounces for off-site consumption per person per day. That evens out to about 4 large growlers per person per day or 2 gallons max. In short, we sell up to a case of beer per person per day as limited by South Carolina law.

Do you guys provide water?

YES! YES! YES! We encourage you to bring a water bottle to fill up if you’d like but it’s no problem if you don’t want to. We can get you some either way. We run all of our water through a particulate filter, then an activated carbon filter. Given that Greenville recently won the Best-of-the-Best Water Taste Test nationally this is literally some of the freshest and best water you could drink in our nation!

Can I bring non-Brewery 85 beverages to the beer garden/tap room/facility?

So here’s the long and short of it: If it’s non-alcoholic then yes, absolutely. If it’s someone else’s hooch we’re afraid we can’t let you pop bottles. We hope you understand but there are various legal/insurance reasons we cannot allow this. We do try to cover a large spectrum with our beers so try a few things and hopefully you’ll find something you like even if you don’t like beer normally.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately we are legally not allowed to tell you that you can bring your WELL MANNERED and FRIENDLY dog to our brewery. /legalese

Can we bring our kids?
Sure thing! We are a family friendly environment but keep in mind that we cannot control what other patrons say/do as well as what comes in over the television or the radio. It is still a brewery and can be very dangerous so we ask that you keep a good eye on them. We have diaper changing stations in both of our restrooms located in our taproom.
Do y’all serve food?
We do not personally serve food. We do however sell snacks like chips, peanuts, jerky, popsicles (in the warmer months), etc. On the other hand, we frequently have food trucks for almost all of our regular tap hours and special events. If you would like to bring food in you may and it’s encouraged!
What are your regular tap room hours?

You can check daily on the left column of the front page for the hours of that given day. You can also check out all of our weekly hours here. Mostly, our taproom is only open Wednesdays/Thursday 4pm-8pm, Fridays 2pm-8pm as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm-5pm.

How do I take care of my growler? What kind of growlers do you fill?

For growler care, check out this post rightchere! Unfortunately, as you will read in the mentioned post, we fill only cleaned stainless or brown glass growlers with an approved government warning label adhered. Want a few more tips and tricks about growlers? Check out this pdf from the Brewer’s Association for more information. We also fill Crowlers, which are a single use 32oz can of beer to go from our taproom.

I'd like to book my band. How do I do that?

Please send emails to “info -at- brewery85 -dot- com” with some samples of your music, some high resolution pictures, a bit of a bio, and links to your social media accounts. Unfortunately, we do not allow our bands to play covers. Only original music at our facilities.

Why do you use cans rather than glass bottles?

We do this for a multitude of reasons. Mainly because it keeps light out, which eventually gives beer that “light-struck” or “skunky’ flavor. It also helps us cut down on oxidization of our beer, which causes the beer to age quicker and taste like wet cardboard. Another big reason we use cans is that they are so much better for our environment and you can take them to many more places than you can glass bottles.

Do you serve any gluten-free or non-beer options?

We keep a cider on tap that we do not brew ourselves. We also keep a red and a white wine on tap. Lastly, we usually have craft soda on tap or canned soda on demand.