Have you heard there’s a new brewery brewing in Greenville? No? Yes? It’s called Brewery 85, and please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Will McCameron, our President, has been an accomplished home brewer for years. He found a job as a fire protection engineer for a time after graduating from Clemson University in 2008. Engineering didn’t quite suit Will so he decided he needed a change of pace. He worked for a period at Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, South Carolina and it was at this time he knew that he wanted to operate another serious brewery that South Carolina could enjoy. A craft fanatic since he was of legal drinking age, he’s truly a constant student of the art and science of brewing, serving, and tasting beer. He is also a graduate of the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. He then traveled to Munich for further studies where he received a World Brewing Academy International Diploma in Brewing Technology from the famous Doemen’s Academy in Bavaria, Germany.

Jeremy Caldwell, our Vice-President, is also an experienced home brewer who learned to brew alongside Will. Jeremy is a graduate of Lander University in Business Administration. Jeremy is truly the herder of cats in our brewery family. No, not literally. He takes the chaos and puts it in savvy marketing mumbo jumbo. He also handles all that boring, awful paperwork stuff. Jeremy also helps develop and taste recipes on the brewing side of things!

Meredith McCameron is serving as our front office manager as well as our tasting room supervisor. She is also a graduate from Clemson University with degrees in Communications and Sociology. Being the smarty pants of the group she’s the voice of reason that lays the hammer down when the boys start acting up. You think we’re playing around, but she has her hands full with the boys (and brew dogs) and that is why we call her the F.L.O.B (First Lady of Beer).

As a group… unfortunately they don’t have any comic book super powers… or transform into a giant fighting robot… shucks. But, they brew some pretty darned good beer. The South deserves better beer… and Better Beer Starts Here™.