January 18th, 2018.

Brewery 85 is seeking unpaid interns for the 2018 SUMMER semester. We are seeking students with concentrations in Food Science, Microbiology, Fermentation Sciences, Brewing Sciences, Graphic Communications, Cinematography, Digital Production, or any related concentrations.

Applicants MUST be currently enrolled full-time in a college or university and be at least 21 years of age or older. Applicants MUST be fulfilling internship hours that goes towards class credits. We are looking for at least 100+ hours per intern.
Scopes and range of work may include:
* Cleaning and sanitizing beer tanks
* Sanitary handling of yeast cultures for storage
* Cleaning and sanitizing of beer kegs
* Record keeping and workspace organization
* Inventory management and accounting
* Grain handling and management
* Overall cleanliness of work area
* Help throughout the operation as needed
* Yeast management and lab analysis
* Growing and cultivating hop vines, fruit trees, and berry vines
* Capturing yeast in conjunction with local universities
* Orchard management and care
* Assisting in production of beer on 30 barrel brewhouse
* Pilot-scale test brewing
* Photography (both still & action)
* Video editing
* Social media interaction

Applicants must be able to handle the following physical demands:
* Consistently lift 55 pounds
* Lift empty kegs overhead
* Work in a noisy and loud environment
* Work safely around caustic cleaning agents
* Work safely around acid sanitizing agents
* Work safely around slippery floor conditions
* Work safely around high temperature/boiling water & liquids
* Work while wet/cold/hot/etc
* Get your hands/clothes/shoes dirty

Applicants are responsible for their own time, travel, lodgings, and expenses.

Ability to do the following is a plus:
* Appreciate good conversation
* Be able to take directions well
* Work well within teams
* Communicate well with others
* Throw a baseball/kick a kickball
* Have fun at all costs
* Give/receive high fives on a daily basis

Applications (including a resume/cover letter/list of classes taking in upcoming semester) can be sent to “info@brewery85.com” with the subject of “SUMMER 2018 Internship Application”.