MAY 22nd, 2016.


Brewery 85 in Greenville, South Carolina is seeking a CELLAR MANAGER. A minimum of 1-year previous brewing experience is a MUST. Formal brewing education and/or certifications are preferred. The ideal candidate will have had previous cellar/packaging on at least a 10 BBL tank system in full production, will have cellared/packaged/filtered many different styles of beer, and will have working knowledge of all aspects of brewery operations, including packaging and distributing. Skill certifications are a plus.

Scope and range of work may include:
– Cellaring of beer in 60-120 barrel tanks
– Cleaning and sanitizing tanks
– Transferring beer from fermenters to brite tank and other cellaring responsibilities
– Carbonating beer to appropriate volumes
– Tank passivation
– Harvesting yeast if needed
– Yeast management and lab analysis if needed
– Quality Assurance/Quality Control
– Cleaning and sanitizing kegs
– Filling kegs
– Operation of a Wild Goose 4-head canning line for 12oz & 16oz cans
– Recipe Development input as needed
– Pilot-scale test brewing/packaging
– Fixing of electronics and/or pumps in cellar area
– Inventory management and accounting
– Cross training in grain handling, ordering and management of raw materials if needed
– Overall cleanliness of work area
– Problem solving skills
– Participation in events and festivals as needed
– Safe operation of a forklift

Applicants must be able to handle the following physical & mental demands:
– Consistently lift 55 pounds
– Lift empty kegs overhead
– Work in a noisy and loud environment
– Work safely around caustic cleaning agents
– Work safely around acid sanitizing agents
– Work safely around slippery floor conditions
– Work safely around high temperature/boiling liquids
– Work while wet/cold/hot/etc
– Get your hands/clothes/shoes dirty
– Have a decent working knowledge of movie trivia and quotes ranging from 1980 to present day.

Applicant must be 21 years of age or older.

Ability to do the following is a plus:
– Appreciate good conversation
– Be able to take directions well
– Work well in a team environment, but also to work independently as needed
– Communicate well with others
– Throw a baseball/kick a kickball
– Have fun
– Give/receive high fives on a daily basis

Total compensation depends on experience and salary commensurate with job history.

Please send resumes WITH a cover letter and references to ‘info -at- brewery85 -dot- com