Long, long ago when we were all still home brewing Meredith and Will bought a little black Great Dane puppy to serve as a little brother to their Old English Bulldog named Buddy. The bulldog was three at the time and was considerably larger than the puppy but as our passion for brewing grew so did this little awkward tangle of skinny legs. I mean, this guy grew REAL fast as Great Dane’s naturally do and Buddy soon became the “older brother” as opposed to the “big brother” in no time.


Scout n Buddy Same Size


The major reason that Great Danish landed in our year-round line up of beers is simply because it is Meredith’s favorite beer that we produce:

“Will’s masterful creation, Great Danish is one of my favorite beers that he brews. Let’s face it: I am a girl and I like a little more attention and that’s exactly what this beer calls for. If you have been following Will since the beginning of his home brewing career then you have probably had one if his first beers that he ever brewed and that was Buddy’s Brown. When he started shooting for a beer that I would enjoy (a beer with a Belgian yeast and malty goodness) we had just gotten our second dog, Scout. Buddy is loud, wild, and in your face and I love him because he reminds me of none other than Will McCameron. Scout is quiet, peaceful, and inquisitive and this reminds Will of myself. I am not saying we have favorites here but the saying ‘opposites attract’ is definitely true!”

Scout loves us unconditionally. So naturally we figured that one of the best ways we could ever repay him would be to create a beer named in honor of him. Hence: The Great Danish was born.


scout snow resize


“Dogs teach us about faith, trust, and devotion. They teach us how to devotedly serve a higher master, how to attend and wait and how to let go of a drudge. But most of all, they teach us about the meaning and experience of unconditional love.” – Lama Surya Das, Dog is my Co-Pilot